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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tradition in Art ,Mysore Style

Girija M is a well known l Mysore style painter , a style which encompasses Hindu Deities in an ornate gold leaf pattern .I am in a process presently where I have used the modernist canvases by Benthin as an abstraction of a background with these traditional deities on the foreground. These ideas of art works developed over long conversations with Girijaji and Kumarji her husband, who is a known appreciator of the arts . It occured to me during our conversations that what art meant to people could be an art project itself, im hereby starting these views of " what is art "?

What is Art
According to Indian traditional thinking,
Art connotes the soul to achieve the aims;
That which frees mind from evil thoughts
And also which enfolds the basic structure
And beauty. It connotes the features which
Does not clash with the true nature of objects.

k.r Kumar

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